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In a changing and developing world, making high-quality education accessible to everyone and digitizing learning activities are among the most important issues. In response to this qulak was founded to simplify learning, maintaining exam integrity, and support lifelong learning.

Qulak is a comprehensive digital learning platform that offers flexible solutions for both learners and institutions. In addition to ensuring the integrity of the exam processes from beginning to the end, it also provides solutions to injustice in exams with the AI-based safe exam system. Thanks to self paced learning solution, it enables learners to be trained by the system for having a skill. And learning records help to prove these skills.


Qassessment — Online Exam System, Question Bank, Assessment & Evaluation

Qproctor — Safe Exam System, Live Proctoring, AI Proctoring

Qlearning — Adaptive Exam, Training, Homework, Project, Mentorship, Live Lessons, Certificate and Badge


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  • Helps institutions to issue badges and certificates by measuring a set of competencies. In this way, students and staff can store and share their digital badges.
  • Individual Learning is a self-paced learning system that allows students to be trained by the system by following a step-by-step pathway. Prepares individuals and institutions for the future by provid ...
  • Our GDPR-compliant Assessment Solution enables you to conduct secure and adaptive assessments. It gives you phone and computer control on an OS level, along with access to security features, including ...
  • Provides secure probation service for your exams. In this way, the inspectors can easily monitor the people who take the exam at the time of the exam and intervene immediately.
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