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Predicting your future needs in headcount and skills is known as Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). It is literally the People side of the strat’ plan, an existing and well known ritual in large organizations. It is so critical that in 2021, BCG ranked it Top Priority #3 for organizations! Then how come only 8% of organizations perform it with a high capacity?

The reason is that to become a recurring process, SWP needs a dedicated tool that handles all the data science and collaborative parts that usual productivity tools like Excel or PowerBI do not manage well.

This is why we have created Albert, the only SaaS tool that aims at simplifying SWP while making it ever more powerful and actionable.

It helps organizations manage business transformations by offering easy Planning and Right-Sizing capabilities through real-time collaboration.

With Albert, users with different roles ranging from Business Leaders to Financial Controllers, Transformation Leaders, Managers and of course HR, can actively contribute to the company’s strategic goals. Decision-makers can update their hypotheses in a jiff, and adapt to an ever changing business environment. Meanwhile, Albert takes care of the algorithmic heavy-duty and provides you with insightful and beautiful charts.


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